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Dementia Friendly Screenings

Dementia Friendly Screenings: Challenging the social exclusion experienced by people with dementia and their families one film at a time

We extended our collaboration with Chapter when we realised that older people generally were a smaller cinema audience and we felt that few people with dementia and their families were attending. Even though we knew they were a group within our local community, they weren’t visiting the arts centre:

"My husband's dementia has excluded us from many activities with the general public but with dementia screening we feel safe enough to enjoy going to the cinema again. It has been liberating for us both as we cope with this isolating illness." – Linda (Chapter pilot event)

In response, we involved experts in Dementia training and awareness and other venues across Wales to work to increase access to film and art centres for people with dementia and their families.

Dementia Friendly Screenings
Our monthly dementia friendly screenings are now a great opportunity for people living with dementia to enjoy a new release film in a relaxed friendly and supportive environment. 

The film screenings themselves are shown without adverts or trailers and have slightly brighter lighting throughout the auditorium. Where possible we screen the film with soft subtitles and make audio description available. We also make sure the audience can feel free to move around the cinema or make a noise as they feel comfortable. Chapter staff are always on hand to help if the audience need additional assistance. Following the films there is always a chance to socialise and discuss the film over tea and coffee (included in the ticket price).

The screenings are open to anyone living with dementia i.e. those diagnosed with and their family, friends, neighbours or carers. But they are also open to everyone.

December: It’s a wonderful life

March: Dads Army
April: Hail Cesar
May: Eddie the Eagle
June: Florence foster Jenkins and
July: Calamity jane
August: The BFG
September: Beatles, 8 days a week
October: The General
November: Ghostbusters
December: It’s a wonderful life

January: La la land
February: A street cat named bob
March: Viceroys house
April: Their finest
May: Tinted Lens Festival

Relaxed Environment Screenings
In addition, every month we also organise relaxed screenings. These screenings are recommended for anyone who might benefit from the subtle alterations made to the auditorium environment. Films are screened with the lights raised slightly, the volume turned down, and with the trailers and adverts removed. People can feel free to move around the cinema or make a noise as they feel comfortable. Chapter staff will be on hand to help if you need additional assistance. 
There are usually 4 films a month and the need for these emerged from our dementia friendly screenings. For example, May 2017:

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