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Tinted Lens Project Overview

Tinted Lens

Follow my programme of film events in collaboration with Chapter Arts (@Chaptertweets): TintedLens (@Tinted_Lens

I curate an ongoing programme of film screenings and invite an expert panel of academics and the audience to explore the ideas found within new-release, cult and classic film, with a focus on understandings of the mind, human behaviour, memory, the life-course, and ageing.

This project is a collaboration between my NIHR study, Chapter ArtsCentre, and Film hub Wales. Film hub Wales, is a British Film Institute (BFI) funded 4 year initiative to develop a network of audiences across Wales and importantly, provides access to partner venues across via their UK wide partner ‘hubs’.

The arts play a major role in the development of individuals and communities and this is where we hope this programme will support and enhance creativity and cultural participation in developing the dementia care agenda. By bringing together communities that have not previously been in dialogue, and through sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise. Providing a space for diverse groups to be in the same room together, allows the challenges of dementia care to be viewed from a range of different perspectives. This programme also helps us to develop further opportunities to explore links to artists and artistic networks, to involve wider community groups and explore way of engaging academics and community groups with our research.

During each of our monthly events I have invited 3 to 4 academic speakers from across the disciplines to join our panel and to speak (10 minutes each) about one aspect of the film, drawing on their academic expertise. We then open this up for a wider discussion and debate with the audience. Each event has an average audience of 40-50 people attending the debate and discussion. Events so far -

October 2014: Solaris
November 2014: Robot and Frank 
December 2014: It’s A Wonderful Life

January 2015: The theory of everything
Feb 2015: The possibilities are endless
April 2015: Still Alice
May 2015: The falling
June 2015: Ida
July 2015: Mr Holmes
August 2015: The lost weekend
October: Irrational man
November: The lobster

January 2016: The Danish girl
Feb 2016: Room
March 2016: The pearl button
April- Robot and frank

February: Prevenge
March: Hidden figures
April: Denial
May: Tinted lens Festival
May: Mad to be normal
June: I am not madam bovary and The red turtle
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