Monday, 1 May 2017

Screening: The Falling

The Falling

The screening will be followed by an expert panel discussion and audience debate to explore some of the themes raised by the film, including mass hysteria, media and the representation of girls, the politics of symptoms and classification, and teenage mental health and illness.

A collaboration between Chapter Arts Centre, the British Film Institute (Film hub Wales) and Cardiff University. This programme of events curated by Dr Katie Featherstone will explore contemporary social and cultural developments and the ideas found within new-release, cult and classic film, with a focus on understandings of the mind, human behaviour, memory, the life-course, and ageing. 

The event is wednesday the 6th of May, with the screening starting at 6.15pm, followed by the panel discussion and debate.


Valerie Walkerdine, School of Social Sciences, will draw on her expertise on gender and education and her work on​ mass hysteria and the media (Mass hysteria: critical psychology and media studies, 2000) and media representations of girls (Daddy's Girl Young Girls and Popular Culture, 1998).

Aidan Tynan, School of English, Communication and Philosophy will draw on his work on​ Deleuze and the politics of symptoms.

Nicola Evans, Professional Head of Mental Health Nursing, will draw on her expertise on​ young people experiencing mental health problems and provide a professional and service perspective.
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