Thursday, 8 June 2017


I am working in collaboration with a film director (Chris Hartwill, Ridley Scott Associates:

We are developing a documentary to explore how we can improve and identify the best practices in caring for people with dementia in hospitals to learn what works and why. Armed with the knowledge we have gained from our research we will set up an experiment in a ward in Newport South Wales. Doing things differently is never easy and we will follow the highs and lows, the challenges for individuals and the ward team as they apply elements of best practice drawn from our research and from around the world to caring for patients with dementia in their ward. We follow the experiences of staff, patients and their families to discover if we can have an impact on care. Can small low cost/no cost changes in the culture and delivery of care make a difference?

We are also developing training and awareness raising shorts, films and Virtual Reality that can be accessed by hospital staff via social media.

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