Thursday, 1 June 2017

Screening: Ida

Tinted Lens: Ida

This is a powerful and beautifully made film and explores modern european history, the legacy of war, family secrets, remembering and forgetting, suicide, PTSD, but also key philosophical ideas including what gives life meaning, the choices we make and what is a good life. 

The event is friday the 5th of june, with the screening starting at 6pm, followed by the panel discussion and debate.


Professor Hanna Diamond, Cardiff School of Modern Languages. Will draw on her work on​ women in the second world war and the experiences of occupied europe- and her project collecting oral histories

Dr Rachel Hurdley,  will draw on her monograph, Home, Materiality, Memory and Belonging: keeping culture(2013) and the film series Making Wales, Remembering Home, she co-produced with refugees and 'destitute' asylum seekers, emphasises how homes, memories and identities are precarious, tenuous processes.

Dr Francesca E.S. Montemaggi,  Lecturer in Religious Studies Will draw on her research on new monastic communities and ethics to explore the personal/individual side of faith and the attraction of monasticism.
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