Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Tinted Lens: The Lost Weekend

Tinted Lens:  The Lost Weekend

The screening at Chapter Arts Centre (www.Chapter.org) will be followed by an expert panel discussion and audience debate to explore some of the themes raised by this film. This will explore the philosophy of addiction, reason, emotion, free will and responsibility; a historical perspective of understandings of alcoholism and addiction and how the alcoholic or addict has been portrayed in literature; public health perspectives on developing complex interventions to reduce drug and alcohol misuse; and insights into the development of new consumer products and the role of marketing in addictions. 

A collaboration between Chapter Arts Centre, the British Film Institute (Film hub Wales) and Cardiff University. This programme of events curated by Dr Katie Featherstone will explore contemporary social and cultural developments and the ideas found within new-release, cult and classic film, with a focus on understandings of the mind, human behaviour, memory, the life-course, and ageing.  This free event is Sunday 2nd of August, with the screening starting at 5pm, Chapter Arts Centre, followed by the panel discussion and debate.


Andrew Edgar, Reader in Philosophy, Cardiff University, will explore the philosophy of addiction, and in particular reason, emotion, free will and responsibility.

Alice Rowe, English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University, will discuss how understandings of alcoholism and addiction developed through the 19th century and her work examining how literature has portrayed the alcoholic or addict.

Annie Williams, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, will examine the motivations and triggers for substance misuse to provide insights into the changing patterns in alcoholism, drawing on her work with public health developing complex interventions on drug and alcohol misuse.

Shumaila Yousafzai, Business School, Cardiff University, will draw on her work on gaming to examine the development of new consumer technologies and the role of marketing in addictions. 
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