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Get in touch - share your story of dementia and help direct our research

Get in touch - share your story of dementia and help direct our research 

To improve everyday care for people living with dementia in all our hospitals, we also need to tackle the wider social inequalities they and their families experience - what happens to people living with dementia in acute wards, their invisibility and poor understandings of their experiences, is not unique to that setting, rather it is a reflection of the wider social inequalities, invisibility, ageism and stigma they experience. This means we cannot improve care in hospital wards unless we also challenge and try to change these wider social inequalities. 

How to share your story of dementia 

We want stories from everyone who has a story to tell about dementia. You may be a person living with dementia, a carer or family member, or someone working in health or social care. You all have important stories to share. 

Sharing stories of dementia is important – one of the reasons that dementia is still a stigmatised condition is that it is still hidden and we don’t talk about it. In response, we believe that the more we can share our experiences, the more we can breakdown misunderstandings and increase the visibility and awareness of people living with dementia and their needs. 

You can do this by sharing your story on film (you can meet our amazing film team), you can write and tell us your story, send a poem, picture or artistic work for inclusion on our gallery. You choose how you want to tell your story. 

Get in touch via: 

Twitter @storiesdementia, Instagram @storiesofdementia or email

How to get involved in directing our research 

We also hold regular events in Wales and England (future dates TBC) that include opportunities to tell the research team about your priorities and to collaborate in deciding how to use our findings to improve care and to help decide what topics we should prioritise in our future studies. 
These events also include lots of opportunities to take part in art, craft and music workshops. 

To receive updates on our latest events, get in touch via:

Twitter @storiesdementia, Instagram @storiesofdementia or email
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